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تاریخ تشیع در ایران تا زمان سقوط بغداد بدست سلجوقیان

Dr. Farhad Ghoddoussi: “The history of Shi’ism in Iran up to the time of the Seljuks”

Please join us, Thursday, May 20, at 5:00 pm CST for a talk by Dr. Farhad Ghoddoussi! Dr. Ghoddoussi received his bachelor’s degree in physics from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran in 1990. He then obtained his master’s degree in Physics from the University of Alberta and his Ph.D. in physics from Wayne State University. He is currently Research Staff at Wayne State University. His research interests are mainly in the application of magnetic resonance techniques in the general field of neuroscience.
Aside from his education in Physics, Dr. Ghoddoussi has extensive studies in Islamic Studies starting during his college years. He has taken many courses in Sharif University of Technology, University of Alberta, and Wayne State University in topics such as philosophy of science, Islamic philosophy, western philosophy, Quranic studies, history of Islam and Christianity, among others in addition to his self-taught studies. He has been an active member and lecturer in the Shia community in Detroit since 1998.
He will be speaking this week on “The History of Shi’ism in Iran up to the Seljuk Takeover of Baghdad (448/1055).”
The zoom link as follows:
Meeting ID: 925 1548 6204
Passcode: 278854
We look forward to seeing you!
لطفا این پنجشنبه در “زوم” برای سخنرانی دکتر فرهاد قدوسی با ما همراه باشید! دکتر قدوسی دارای دکترا در زمینه فیزیک از دانشگاه وین استیت هستند. در حال حاضر در دانشگاه وین استیت دانشیار پژوهشی هستند. به علاوه بر این، دکتر قدوسی تحقیقات بسیاری در زمینه فلسفه ، علوم قرآنی، و تاریخ اسلام و مسیحیت کرده اند. از سال 1998 تا زمان حال در جامعه شیعیان دترویت سخنران بوده اند.​
عنوان سخنرانی «تاریخ تشیع در ایران تا زمان سقوط بغداد بدست سلجوقیان ۴۴۸ ه.ق./ ۱۰۵۵م» است. ​



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20 May 2021 - 12 Jun 2021


5:00 pm

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